InuTube Video Platform

InuTube Video platform is a powerful WEB3 Video Platform, all created in the blockchain, with fast and easy accessible capabilities. User's will be able to start Earning by watching Videos on the platform. its as simple as Login and start watching you will immediately start generating income

Features :

- Easy wallet connection

- Auto generated earning sent directly to the user's wallet ( BUSD )

- Multi-Category Choice

- Easy to use

- Rules & Regulations

- Must Hold InuTube's Tokens to generate income ( Tokens in staking will be accepted )

- Maximum of 5 hours / day Login

Start Earning Multiple Ways, InuTube is here to fulfill your needs..

Deacon Carpenter Founder ceo

InuTube Mobile APP

InuTube's mobile app will be the point of connection for Mobile user's to provide ease to generate an income from InuTube's WEB3 Video Platform

Features :

- Login

- Register Account

- Once you have registered and logged in you will be directed back to InuTube's Video Platform and you will automatically start to generate a income

- Please fill the registration form in correctly, incorrect Wallet Data provided via registration will be user's fault. One Email address to One Wallet Address.