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InuTube Introduction.

InuTube is following the market demand on extra ways to earn in the blockchain market. With its own Video Platform but created within the web3 ecosystem. InuTube is a powerful yet fun way to start earning. As simple as it is for anyone to start earning on InuTube all you have to do is watch video's. With its real utility available for anyone to access, anyone can start earning cryptocurrency. InuTube Utilities will be a WEB3 Video Platform, InuTube Mobile APP, InuTube Staking Platform and by following the market demand within the blockchain universe InuTube will keep growing and expanding its development.


  • Watch To Earn.

    Start Earning by just simply watching.

  • Upload To Earn.

    Start Earning from your content.

Mobile APP

Start Earning from anywhere.

InuTube has created a mobile app, to create ease for user's to be able to watch from anywhere and anytime with its easy to use mobile APP.

HD - 4K


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